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T. Terano a,*, S. Fujishiro b, T. Ban c, K. Yamamoto d, T. Tanaka e, Y. Noguchi e, Y. Tamura ~, K. Yazawa g and T. Hirayama h aDepartment of Internal Medicine, Chiba Municipal Hospital Chiba 260, bKyoundou Hospital, Tokyo, ~Kuniyoshi Hospital, Chiba, dKimitsu Central Hospital, Chiba, e2nd Department Internal Medicine, Chiba University, Chiba, ~Kyoundou(More)
We achieve a quantum-noise-limited absorption sensitivity of 1.7×10(-12) cm(-1) per spectral element at 400 s of acquisition time with cavity-enhanced frequency comb spectroscopy, the highest demonstrated for a comb-based technique. The system comprises a frequency comb locked to a high-finesse cavity and a fast-scanning Fourier transform spectrometer with(More)
  • T Ban
  • 1984
A brief review is given of the incidence and nature of psychiatric symptoms, particularly depression, that are associated with chronic physical diseases common in the elderly. A discussion of medical illnesses that mimic depression, and depression presenting as somatic disease, illustrates the challenge of differential diagnosis. Guidelines are presented(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the healing of bone tissue treated with Er:YAG laser contact and noncontact modes of and piezosurgery in a rat model using triangular laser profilometry. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-four 10-week-old adult male Wistar rats were used in the study. Three osteotomies on the medial part of tibia were performed in each animal, 1 in the right(More)