Ticiana Franco Pereira da Silva

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The objective of this study was to describe the sexual characteristics of domestic queens kept under natural equatorial photoperiod conditions without mating. Estrous signs were detected in 25 pubertal queens by manual stimulation and by exposure to a tomcat twice daily for 6 months (January to June). The signs observed were tail deflection, spinal flexion,(More)
The objective was to determine the effect of powdered coconut water extender (ACP-106c) on the proportion of female puppies born. Twenty French Bulldog bitches were subjected to natural mating (NM) and, during the subsequent two estrus periods, were bred by intravaginal artificial insemination (AI), using chilled semen (from the same males) diluted in(More)
The aim of this study was to measure the uterine diameter by B-mode and Doppler velocimetry patterns of uterine arteries in postpartum female dogs after normal delivery or cesarean section (c-section). Ten female dogs were assessed on weeks 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 postpartum. Only at week 0, bitches submitted to c-section presented higher body diameters and(More)
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