Tibor Szilvási

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Attosecond spectroscopic techniques have made it possible to measure differences in transport times for photoelectrons from localized core levels and delocalized valence bands in solids. We report the application of attosecond pulse trains to directly and unambiguously measure the difference in lifetimes between photoelectrons born into free electron-like(More)
Novel silylium ions with N-heterocyclic imines were successfully synthesized. The reaction of trimethylsilyl imidazolin-2-imine Me₃SiNIPr (NIPr = bis(2,6-diisopropylphenyl)-imidazolin-2-imino) with B(C₆F₅)₃ leads to dimeric imino-substituted silylium ions through a methyl group abstraction on the silicon atom. Meanwhile, the intermolecular imino-coordinated(More)
Complexes featuring lanthanide silicon bonds represent a research area still in its infancy. Herein, we report a series of Cp-free lanthanide (+II) complexes bearing σ-bonded silyl ligands. By reactions of LnI2 (Ln = Yb, Eu, Sm) either with a 1,4-oligosilanyl dianion [K-Si(SiMe3)2SiMe2SiMe2Si(SiMe3)2-K)] (1) or with 2 (Me3Si)3SiK (3) the corresponding(More)
Complexes featuring lanthanide (Ln)-Si bonds represent a highly neglected research area. Herein, we report a series of open-shell Ln(II+) and Ln(III+) complexes bearing σ-bonded silyl and base-stabilized N-heterocyclic silylene (NHSi) ligands. The reactions of the Ln(III+) complexes Cp3Ln (Ln = Tm, Ho, Tb, Gd; Cp = cyclopentadienide) with the 18-crown-6(More)
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