Tibor Neugebauer

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Revisiting the data of Haruvy et al. (2007), we investigate the relationship between traders' expectations and market outcomes. The data show that those who have high price expectations buy more frequently and submit higher bids, and those who hold low price expectations sell more frequently and submit lower bids, than average. Those indicating more(More)
In a laboratory experiment with salient rewards, subjects were endowed with money and waiting time. Preferences for waiting time were elicited both as a private good by means of a series of second price auctions, i.e., in a non-induced values framework, and as a public good in the scope of a voluntary contribution game. Our data supports the Lindahl(More)
The Petersburg gamble constitutes an important paradox in the history of ideas. It has been thought-provoking and led to important developments in the natural and behavioral sciences. The proposed resolutions of the paradox have involved deep reflections about the human mind by some of the most celebrated scientists of the past three centuries. This paper(More)
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