Tibor Nagy

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Mangalicas are fatty type local/rare pig breeds with an increasing presence in the niche pork market in Hungary and in other countries. To explore their genetic resources, we have analysed data from next-generation sequencing of an individual male from each of three Mangalica breeds along with a local male Duroc pig. Structural variations, such as SNPs,(More)
During the last decade, a major shift has begun in chemical industry, since there is an urgent need for new tools that are able to support the optimization of operating technologies. This trend is driven by the new tools of information technology. Approaches of this shift differ from company to company but one common feature is that communication between(More)
ChIP-seq provides a wealth of information on the approximate location of DNA-binding proteins genome-wide. It is known that the targeted motifs in most cases can be found at the peak centers. A high resolution mapping of ChIP-seq peaks could in principle allow the fine mapping of the protein constituents within protein complexes, but the current ChIP-seq(More)
Nicotiana benthamiana is a widely used model plant species for research on plant-pathogen interactions as well as other areas of plant science. It can be easily transformed or agroinfiltrated, therefore it is commonly used in studies requiring protein localization, interaction, or plant-based systems for protein expression and purification. To discover and(More)
We report the draft genome sequence of Staphylococcus aureus Sp17, a typical highly virulent (HV) rabbit strain. As current medicine apparently fails to effectively reduce disease and economical losses caused by this organism, it is essential to gain better insight on its genomic arrangement.
The question regarding the exact function of the primary visual cortex (V1) in vision has been around ever since the description of residual vision after damage to this cortical area by Riddoch in 1917. In 2002, Schoenfeld and colleagues proposed that V1 can be saturated by flashes of light, by which the function of V1-bypassing visual pathways can be(More)
Patients at young age (≤35 years) diagnosed with breast cancer (BC) are considered to have poor prognosis. The aim of the present study was to retrospectively analyse clinicopathological characteristics and prognosis in a group of young BC patients. We included women diagnosed with invasive breast carcinoma younger than/or at the age of 35 years. Between(More)
Many articles have been published on the uncertainty analysis of high temperature gas kinetic systems that are based on detailed reaction mechanisms. In all these articles a temperature independent relative uncertainty of the rate coefficient is assumed, although the chemical kinetics databases suggest temperature dependent uncertainty factors for most of(More)
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