Tibor Németh

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This study found a new behavioral correlate of lesions specific to the dentate granule cell layer of the hippocampus: spontaneous perseverative turning. Irradiation of a portion of the neonatal rat cerebral hemispheres produced hypoplasia of the granule cell layer of the hippocampal dentate gyrus while sparing the rest of the brain. Radiation-induced damage(More)
Soil mineral phases play a significant role in controlling heavy metal mobility in soils. The effective study of their relation needs the integrated use of several analytical methods. In this study, analytical electron microscopy analyses were combined with sequential chemical extractions on soils spiked with Cu, Zn and Pb. Our aims were to study the metal(More)
Relatively few, and inconsistent, data are available in the literature about the properties of EnSeal®, an electrosurgical tissue-sealing device. For this reason, we conducted control safety tests on experimental pigs. The mean burst pressure of sealed vessels (2-7 mm in diameter) proved to be 873.89 ± 120.57 mmHg (n = 60). Surface temperature increased to(More)
MK 801 (NMDA antagonist) has been shown to protect newborns from hypoxia-induced brain damage. Here, we determined if (+)-5-methyl-10,11-dihydroxy-5h-dibenzo (a,d)cyclohepten-5,10-imine (MK 801) could attenuate behavioral deficits associated with early radiation-induced hypoplasia of fascia dentata granule cells. We pretreated neonatal rats (n = 20) with MK(More)
Localized exposure of the neonatal rat brain to X-rays produces neuronal hypoplasia specific to the granule cell layer of the hippocampal dentate gyrus. This brain damage causes locomotor hyperactivity, slowed acquisition of passive avoidance tasks and long bouts of spontaneous turning (without reversals) in a bowl apparatus. Here we report how these(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The Biofragmentable Anastomosis Ring (BAR) is a mechanical device composed of absorbable material, performs an inverted anastomosis by atraumatic compression. It is a safe method recommended for bowel ends covered by serosal layer. The feasibility for esophageal surgery hasn't been proved. In our study we compared the healing of(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the first published case of superficial angiomyxoma with an epithelial component occurring in the retropharynx. METHOD Case report of a patient with swallowing difficulties caused by a rare case of superficial angiomyxoma in the retropharynx. RESULTS Superficial angiomyxoma is a distinct entity among the dermal myxomatous lesions.(More)
In the present series of cases, 8 laparoscopic cryptorchidectomies and 4 laparoscopic ovariectomies were carried out in sedated standing horses. Sedation involved a lesser anaesthesiological risk than does general anaesthesia. As compared to laparotomic exposure, the minimally invasive laparoscopic intervention provided better visualisation, shorter(More)
In this study one spleen-intact dog (A) and two splenectomised dogs (BSE, CSE) were infected with Babesia canis. All animals developed an acute disease characterised by fever, haemoglobinuria and anaemia, the latter being more severe in the splenectomised dogs. Fever and parasitised red blood cells were detected for three days after imidocarb treatment in(More)
Geochemical analyses using a sequential extraction method and lead adsorption studies were carried out in order to characterize the distribution and adsorption of lead on each genetic horizon of a Luvisol profile developed on a pelagic clayey aleurolite. Clay illuviation is the most important pedogenic process in the profile studied. Its clay mineralogy is(More)