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Mathematical logic is a discipline used in sciences and humanities with different point of view. Although in tertiary level computer science education it has a solid place, it does not hold also for secondary level education. We present a heterogeneous study both theoretical based and empirically based which points out the key role of logic in computer(More)
Artificial neural networks have demonstrated to be good at timeseries forecasting problems, being widely studied in literature. In this study an artificial neural network model is introduced for modelling the solar irradiance. Forecasting of solar irradiance is in general significant for planning the operations of power plants which convert renewable(More)
The influence of bilateral 20-minute carotid ischemia with reperfusion of various duration upon the activity of apoptotic processes in the neurons and glia cells of the cerebral cortex in the temporal lobe of rats has been studied. Bilateral carotid ischemia with one-hour reperjusion has been indicated to increase the location density of p53+-neurocytes in(More)