Tibor István Nagy

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During a severe drought Port-au-Prince, Haiti, lost hydroelectric power for 10 weeks. This led to water shortages in areas of the city dependent on water supplied from electrically driven pumps. In a study of the impact of water restriction on disease, 400 families were randomly selected from two urban areas differentially affected by the water shortage.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The aim of this study was to identify clinical factors in the acute stage that can predict anxiety, depression and apathy at 4 months after stroke. METHODS One hundred four consecutive stroke patients in a stroke unit were assessed within the first 2 weeks and after 4 months. Assessments included anxiety and depression symptoms on(More)
A THz-pump and x-ray-probe experiment is simulated where x-ray photoelectron diffraction (XPD) patterns record the coherent vibrational motion of carbon monoxide molecules adsorbed on a Pt(111) surface. Using molecular dynamics simulations, the excitation of frustrated wagging-type motion of the CO molecules by a few-cycle pulse of 2 THz radiation is(More)
The question regarding the exact function of the primary visual cortex (V1) in vision has been around ever since the description of residual vision after damage to this cortical area by Riddoch in 1917. In 2002, Schoenfeld and colleagues proposed that V1 can be saturated by flashes of light, by which the function of V1-bypassing visual pathways can be(More)
Patients at young age (≤35 years) diagnosed with breast cancer (BC) are considered to have poor prognosis. The aim of the present study was to retrospectively analyse clinicopathological characteristics and prognosis in a group of young BC patients. We included women diagnosed with invasive breast carcinoma younger than/or at the age of 35 years. Between(More)
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