Tibor Csendes

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<lb>In this paper we first show that the objective function of a least<lb>squares type nonlinear parameter estimation problem can be any non-<lb>negative real function, and therefore this class of problems corre-<lb>sponds to global optimization. Two non-derivative implementations<lb>of a global optimization method are presented; with nine standard<lb>test(More)
Respiratory mechanical impedances were determined during voluntary apnea in five healthy subjects, by means of 0.25- to 5-Hz pseudo/random oscillations applied at the mouth. The total respiratory impedance was partitioned into pulmonary (ZL) and chest wall components with the esophageal balloon technique; corrections were made for the upper airway shunt(More)
The mechanical impedance of the lungs (ZL) was measured in open-chest dogs with small-amplitude pseudorandom volume oscillations between 0.125 and 5 Hz, at mean transpulmonary pressures (Ptp) of 0.2, 0.4, and 0.8 kPa. At the lowest frequencies, the pulmonary resistance showed a marked negative frequency dependence and mirrored the changes in the reactance(More)
We have investigated variants of interval branch-and-bound algorithms for global optimization where the bisection step was substituted by the subdivision of the current, actual interval into many subintervals in a single iteration step. The results are published in two papers, the first one contains the theoretical investigations on the convergence(More)
Optimization on Stiefel manifolds was discussed by Rapcsák in earlier papers, and some global optimization methods were considered and tested on Stiefel manifolds. In the paper, test functions are given with known global optimum points and their optimal function values. A restriction, which leads to a discretization of the problem is suggested, which(More)
The paper presents a new verified optimization method for the problem of finding the densest packings of non-overlapping equal circles in a square. In order to provide reliable numerical results, the developed algorithm is based on interval analysis. As one of the most efficient parts of the algorithm, an interval-based version of a previous elimination(More)
The multistart clustering global optimization method called GLOBAL has been introduced in the 1980s for bound constrained global optimization problems with black-box type objective function. Since then the technological environment has been changed much. The present paper describes shortly the revisions and updates made on the involved algorithms to utilize(More)
We present a new verified optimization method to find regions for Hénon systems where the conditions of chaotic behaviour hold. The present paper provides a methodology to verify chaos for certain mappings and regions. We discuss first how to check the set theoretical conditions of a respective theorem in a reliable way by computer programs. Then we(More)