Tiberiu M. Siclovan

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Nerve damage is a major morbidity associated with numerous surgical interventions. Yet, nerve visualization continues to challenge even the most experienced surgeons. A nerve-specific fluorescent contrast agent, especially one with near-infrared (NIR) absorption and emission, would be of immediate benefit to patients and surgeons. Currently, there are only(More)
PURPOSE Patients suffer from complications as a result of unintentional nerve damage during surgery. We focus on improving intraoperative visualization of nerves through the use of a targeted fluorophore and optical imaging instrumentation. PROCEDURE A myelin-targeting fluorophore, GE3111, was synthesized, characterized for its optical and myelin-binding(More)
The ability to visualize and spare nerves during surgery is critical for avoiding chronic morbidity, pain, and loss of function. Visualization of such critical anatomic structures is even more challenging during minimal access procedures because the small incisions limit visibility. In this study, we focus on improving imaging of nerves through the use of a(More)
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