Tiberiu Colosi

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—In this paper, a variant for the pH control of the residual water from a foundry is presented. The blunting process of the residual water, being a distributed parameters one, is modeled using equations with partial derivatives. For the numerical simulation is used a method based on the matrix of the partial derivatives of the state vector (Mpdx) associated(More)
— In this paper, a solution for the modeling-simulation of the temperature propagation phenomenon in the asphaltic emulsion from an industrial tank is presented. The heating process of the asphaltic emulsion is a distributed parameter one, its model being expressed using a partial differential equation. The modeling-simulation procedure is based on the(More)
—This paper presents a method for the pH control of the residual water from a metallurgical factory. The blunting process is decomposed in two sub-processes connected in parallel, both viewed as distributed parameters processes and modeled through equations with partial derivatives. The mathematical model of the two sub-processes considers the delays(More)
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