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Botnets are threatening the Internet heavily, and more and more botnets are utilizing the P2P technology to build their C&C (Command and Control) mechanisms. Some research have been made to compare the resilience of structured P2P botnets and unstructured ones, against elimination of nodes, but the problem that which eliminating strategy is the best is(More)
As complex, flexible and efficient platforms for network attacks, botnets are considered as one of the most serious threats to current Internet security. The evolution and diversification of botnets call for a clear and fine grained taxonomy, but existing taxonomies are either incomplete or overlapping. In order to classify botnets accurately, we propose a(More)
Hubs play important roles in scale-free networks. Existing hub search algorithms mostly assume the availability of the global network structure and use a variety of centrality metrics to search the hubs in the network. However, when it is very difficult to obtain the network topology in large-scale networks, how we can search the hubs? In this paper, a hub(More)
Moving target defense (MTD) has emerged as one of the game-changing themes to alter the asymmetric situation between attacks and defenses in cyber-security. Numerous related works involving several facets of MTD have been published. However, comprehensive analyses and research on MTD are still absent. In this paper, we present a survey on MTD technologies(More)
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