Tianzhu Meng

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An in situ 15N tracing study was conducted to investigate the characteristics of soil mineral nitrogen (N) production and conservation in acid forest soils of subtropical China. The six experimental soils were strongly acidic (pH ranged from 4.1 to 4.7), except for one soil, from an orange orchard which had a higher pH (5.7) due to lime application. Total(More)
To date, occurrence and stimulation of different nitrification pathways in acidic soils remains unclear. Laboratory incubation experiments, using the acetylene inhibition and 15N tracing methods, were conducted to study the relative importance of heterotrophic and autotrophic nitrification in two acid soils (arable (AR) and coniferous forest) in subtropical(More)
Information theory provides a novel perspective on passive sonar performance analysis. This approach begins by partitioning the search space and then considers the problem of assigning a source to the correct partition based on pressure observations from a hydrophone array. Prior work described necessary conditions for achieving arbitrarily small(More)
For understanding the effects of nitrification ability on nitrogen (N) use efficiency and N losses via denitrification in paddy soils under flooding conditions, six paddy soils with different nitrification activities were sampled from various sites of China and a pot experiment was conducted. Rice plants at tillering stage were transplanted into pots and(More)
Reductive soil disinfestation (RSD), namely amending organic materials and mulching or flooding to create strong reductive status, has been widely applied to improve degraded soils. However, there is little information available about sulfate (SO4(2-)) transformation and sulfur (S) gas emissions during RSD treatment to degraded vegetable soils, in which S(More)
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