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The L2 cache is commonly managed using LRU policy. For workloads that have a working set larger than L2 cache, LRU behaves poorly, resulting in a great number of <i>less reused lines</i> that are never reused or reused for few times. In this case, the cache performance can be improved through retaining a portion of working set in cache for a period long(More)
—Mobile computing is popular when wireless network has been deployed almost everywhere. Smartphones have been the important tools in our society for the abundant functions including communication, entertainment and online office etc as the pivotal devices of mobile computing. Smartphone software development has also become more important than before.(More)
Multi-core technologies are widely used in embedded systems and the resource allocation is vita to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) requirements for applications on multi-core platforms. For heterogeneous multi-core systems, the statistical characteristics of execution times on different cores play a critical role in the resource allocation, and the(More)
Chip Multiprocessor (CMP) has been the main stream in microprocessor design with the progress in semiconductor technology area. It has brought new changes to computer architecture. This is also an enormous challenge to the universities in how to teach the new concepts to the students. We have designed an independent multicore curriculum in Zhejiang(More)
A distributed mobile system consists of a group of heterogeneous mobile devices connected by wireless network. Due to the fact that most of the mobile devices are battery based, the lifetime of a mobile system depends on both the battery behavior and the energy consumption characteristics of tasks. In this paper, we present a set of models for task(More)
In this paper we introduce dynamic power management framework for multi-core embedded system. This is a novel architecture for multi-core embedded system. In this framework user can add user defined policies to the architecture. And user also can add some running constrains to the framework. This framework could parse the user input, and give the right(More)