Tianyun Wu

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The effects of several dominant tillage and rotation systems on soil organic C content of different particle-size fractions were studied in Chernozemic soils from southwestern and east-central Saskatchewan, Canada. In an Orthic Brown Chernozem in southwestern Saskatchewan, 7 years of no-till cereal–fallow, imposed on a long-term tillage fallow–wheat(More)
The research of soil organic matter (SOM) has been highlighted in soil science. In the past 50 years, new perspectives in the relationship between SOM and sustainability of atmosphere and biomosphere, and strong motivation to find a vivid index for soil quality variation induced the transformation in concepts and analytical techniques of SOM: the(More)
According to the rotor size of Mandal RC5C and Stoks' law, a segregation procedure for soil particle size fractionation was designed, and used for the particle separation of Huangmian soil(Calcaric cambisols, FAO), Huihe soil (Haplic greyxems, FAO), and Helu soil(Calcic kastanozems, FAO) in the Loess Plateau of China, and of Orthic Brown Chernozem, and(More)
The dynamics of organic carbon in 3 soils of China Loess Plateau and Canada Prairies was significantly different: in China, the Huangmian soil (Calcaric Cambisols, FAO) lost 77% of total organic carbon (0-20 cm) within 5 years of cultivation, with a decrease rate of 2.11 tons C.hm-2.yr-1, which was mainly caused by water erosion and tillage erosion; and the(More)
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