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The aminoacyl sequences of three regions of pure bovine N1-acetylated polyamine oxidase (PAO) were obtained and used to search GenBankTM. This led to the cloning and sequencing of a complete coding cDNA for murine PAO (mPAO) and the 5'-truncated coding region of the bovine pao (bpao) gene. A search of GenBankTM indicated that mpao maps to murine chromosome(More)
Murine N(1)-acetylated polyamine oxidase (mPAO) was treated with N,N'-bis-(prop-2-ynyl)-1,4-diaminobutane, a poor substrate and inhibitor for the enzyme, with K(m) and K(i) values in the millimolar range. Apparently, its oxidation produces prop-2-ynal, which reacts with amino acyl nucleophiles. Using a steady-state kinetic assay, four phases were(More)
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