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Label-retaining cells, which are characterized by dormancy or slow cycling, may be identified in a number of human normal and cancer tissues, and these cells demonstrate stem cell potential. In glioblastoma, label-retaining assays to enrich glioma stem cells remain to be fully investigated. In the present study, glioblastoma sphere cells cultured in(More)
Glioma stem cells (GSCs), characterized by self-renewal, multi-potentiality and tumorigenicity, are responsible for the tumor propagation, recurrence and resistance to traditional treatments, representing a critical therapeutic target. Neural stem cells (NSCs) possess inherent tropism to brain tumor cells and inhibit their growth. However, there is a(More)
BACKGROUND Shunting to the cranial venous sinus represents a novel treatment strategy for hydrocephalus. To our knowledge, overdrainage as a complication after shunting to the cranial venous sinus has not previously been reported in the clinical literature. Here we report the case of a 50-year-old man who suffered from overdrainage after a ventriculosinus(More)
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