Tianyuan Jiang

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With the increasing demand for express delivery, a courier needs to deliver many tasks in one day and it's necessary to deliver punctually as the customers expect. At the same time, they want to schedule the delivery tasks to minimize the total time of a courier's one-day delivery, considering the total travel time. However, most of scheduling researches on(More)
This paper analyses the computing method of navigation coordinate system between vehicles and presents the calibration ways of coordinate conversion parameters. The conclusion is used for converging fire by group vehicles, or automatic fire distribution and overriding control over guns in other vehicles by the command and control system. So it can be used(More)
In this paper, Ni-Co compositional coatings were electrodeposited by brush-plating and the surface topography images were obtained with the help of scanning electron microscope. The surface topography of Ni-Co coating and the Co element in Ni-Co alloy coating were changed by changing the proportion of Co in plating solution. The fractal dimensions of the(More)
By adopting random forests regression, a prediction model of torpedo initial velocity at launching torpedo is built and variable importance is achieved in this paper. Compared with the measured values, the model has high fitting precision, which shows that random forests regression is an effective way to estimate the Eigen parameter of torpedo interior(More)
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