Tianyu Zhu

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In this paper, the accurate description of the relationship between flow stress and strain of porous titanium alloys at various strain rates and temperatures were investigated with dynamic and quasistatic uniaxial compression tests for a further study on the processing mechanism of porous titanium material. Changes in their plastic flows were described(More)
Two ligands, mono-β-diketone (p-methoxylbenzoyl)trifluoroacetone (MBTF) and bis-β-diketone 1,2-bis(4,4'-bis(4,4,4-trifluoro-1,3-dioxobutyl))phenoxyl ethane (BTPE) with similar chemical structures, have been designed and prepared for the purpose of building the relationship between the structures and luminescence properties of Eu(iii) complexes. Structures(More)
In the metal cutting process, the friction and wear behavior between the cutting tool and machined surface is the most important factor that affects the surface quality and the service life of the cutter. The irregular pore structure of porous titanium alloy has changed its mechanical properties and the processing technology. The friction and wear mechanism(More)
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