Tianyu Zhang

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The quantitative relationships between the position of the mastoid segment of the facial nerve, mastoid pneumatization and the positions of neighbouring structures are undetermined. Using high resolution computed tomography (HRCT), the positions of these structures were measured in 66 normal temporal bones. A new method for measuring the volume of(More)
BACKGROUND Removal of an airway foreign body (FB) is usually performed by rigid bronchoscopy under general anesthesia, but the choice of anesthesia and ventilation techniques varies greatly among anesthesiologists and institutions. Hypoxemia is the most commonly observed adverse event during rigid bronchoscopy. It is influenced by a variety of factors(More)
RATIONALE Multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR/XDR-TB) is an emerging global health threat. Proper management of close contacts of infectious patients is increasingly important. However, no evidence-based recommendations for treating latent TB infection (LTBI) after MDR/XDR-TB exposure (DR-LTBI) exist. An ultrashort regimen(More)
Waardenburg syndrome type II (WS2) is associated with syndromic deafness. A subset of WS2, WS2A, accounting for approximately 15% of patients, is attributed to mutations in the microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) gene. We examined the genetic basis of WS2 in a large Chinese family. All 9 exons of the MITF gene, the single coding exon (exon(More)
HYPOTHESIS To delineate quantitatively the spatial relationships of the utricle, saccule, and stapedial footplate, to locate the hole on the footplate, and to analyze the insertion depth into the vestibule and the direction of the piston during stapedotomy. BACKGROUND The quantitative three-dimensional (3D) configuration of the utricle, saccule, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Microtia is a complicated congenital anomaly with a genetic and environmental predisposition, and the molecular events underlying this disease are not fully understood. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a class of 20-22 nucleotide non-coding RNAs that function to control post-transcriptional gene expression. We want to find the miRNA expression profiling of(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study, we investigated histological and electron microscopic changes of the laryngeal and esophageal epithelium in an animal model of reflux to demonstrate: (1) the association between laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and (2) the value of dilated intercellular space (DIS) as a marker of LPR. (More)
For further morphological and physiological research, it is vital to establish precise three-dimensional models of the whole inner ear including the details of the membranous components. With the system of a projector and a high-resolution digital camera, 2 complete serial unstained celloidin sections of fresh human temporal bones were digitized as(More)
Mycobacterium ulcerans causes Buruli ulcer, a potentially disabling ulcerative skin disease. Only recently was antimicrobial therapy proven effective. Treatment for 2 months with rifampin plus streptomycin was first proposed after experiments in the mouse footpad model demonstrated bactericidal activity. This treatment is now considered the treatment of(More)
Preclinical efforts to discover and develop new drugs and vaccines for tuberculosis are hampered by the reliance on colony-forming unit (CFU) counts as primary outcomes for in vivo efficacy studies and the slow growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The utility of bioluminescent M. tuberculosis reporter strains for real-time in vitro and ex vivo assessment(More)