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This study explores the feasibility of performing Chinese word segmentation (CWS) and POS tagging by deep learning. We try to avoid task-specific feature engineering, and use deep layers of neural networks to discover relevant features to the tasks. We leverage large-scale unlabeled data to improve internal representation of Chinese characters, and use(More)
The reliability and security of software are affected by its constant changes. For that reason, developers use change-impact analysis early to identify the potential consequences of changing a program location. Dynamic impact analysis, in particular, identifies potential impacts on concrete, typical executions. However, the accuracy (precision and recall)(More)
Airfoil shear probes are instruments used to measure the turbulent kinetic energy dissipation rate in the ocean. The cantilever beams and piezoelectric ceramics sheets are core components of shear probes. The former is the force transferring unit that amplifies the shear force acting on the probe tip. The latter is the piezoelectric transduction element(More)
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