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Extracting ontological relationships (e.g., ISA and HASA) from free-text repositories (e.g., engineering documents and instruction manuals) can improve users' queries, as well as benefit applications built for these domains. Current methods to extract ontologies from text usually miss many meaningful relationships because they either concentrate on(More)
Ontologies define a set of terms and the relationships (e.g., is-a and has-a) between them. An ontology relating the tags in a collab-orative tagging system (CTS) makes the CTS easier to understand. We propose an algorithm to automatically construct an ontology from CTS data and empirically compare with related work on four real data sets – Del.icio.us,(More)
In this paper, we will firstly pay attention to the holistically external business environment of the outdoor adventure clothing in the UK and present a full picture of its market based on the UK. By giving this full picture, we will also identify the economic and sociocultural factors as two main factors from the PESTEL tool. They both are believed to have(More)
A priority for conservation is the identification of endemic populations. We developed microsatellite markers for common raven (Corvus corax), a bird species with a Holarctic distribution, to identify and assess endemic populations in Alaska. From a total of 50 microsatellite loci, we isolated and characterized 15 loci. Eight of these loci were polymorphic(More)
A Multi_Agen based Distribution Network Vulnerability analysis system was proposed, aiming at the requirements of distribution network vulnerability assessment and control. The architecture, components, features, communication mechanisms and risk assessment process of distribution network based on multi-Agent vulnerability analysis system has been studied.(More)
This paper puts forward a novel method for classifying Web videos with high efficiency. Instead of analyzing the videos or extracting complicated visual features, which are both computationally expensive, we only utilize the related textual information of the to-be-classified Web videos. To address the sparsity of the textual features, we propose to exploit(More)