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We present turnpike-type results for the risk tolerance function in an incomplete market Itô-diffusion setting under time-monotone forward performance criteria. We show that, contrary to the classical case, the temporal and spatial limits do not coincide. Rather, they depend directly on the left-and right-end of the support of an underlying measure(More)
In this work, an effective face verification system based on a fusion of the multiscale overlapping blocks binarized statistical image features (BSIF) descriptor and a flip-free distance is proposed. First, we propose a BSIF with overlapping blocks descriptor and extend it to a multiscale framework. Then, after applying dimensionality reduction, the(More)
Group sparse representation (GSR) has shown great potential in image Compressive Sensing (CS) recovery, which can be considered as a low rank matrix approximation problem. The nuclear norm minimization can only minimize all the singular values simultaneously. Recent advances have suggested the truncated nuclear norm minimization (TNNM) to better approximate(More)
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