Tianyu Geng

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The relationship between structure and form has become an important topic of educational research in architecture. The new trend in architecture is to create elegant and efficient designs that are adequately responsive to environmental conditions such as various applied loads. This has created a challenge in architectural education to train architects who(More)
We present turnpike-type results for the risk tolerance function in an incomplete market Itô-diffusion setting under time-monotone forward performance criteria. We show that, contrary to the classical case, the temporal and spatial limits do not coincide. Rather, they depend directly on the leftand right-end of the support of an underlying measure(More)
Group sparse representation (GSR) has shown great potential in image Compressive Sensing (CS) recovery, which can be considered as a low rank matrix approximation problem. The nuclear norm minimization can only minimize all the singular values simultaneously. Recent advances have suggested the truncated nuclear norm minimization (TNNM) to better approximate(More)
In this work, an effective face verification system based on a fusion of the multiscale overlapping blocks binarized statistical image features (BSIF) descriptor and a flip-free distance is proposed. First, we propose a BSIF with overlapping blocks descriptor and extend it to a multiscale framework. Then, after applying dimensionality reduction, the(More)
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