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Similarity search is a primitive operation in database and Web search engines. With the advent of large-scale heterogeneous information networks that consist of multi-typed, interconnected objects, such as the bibliographic networks and social media networks, it is important to study similarity search in such networks. Intuitively, two objects are similar(More)
Information networks are ubiquitous in many applications and analysis on such networks has attracted significant attention in the academic communities. One of the most important aspects of information network analysis is to measure similarity between nodes in a network. SimRank is a simple and influential measure of this kind, based on a solid theoretical(More)
As information networks become ubiquitous, extracting knowledge from information networks has become an important task. Both ranking and clustering can provide overall views on information network data, and each has been a hot topic by itself. However, ranking objects globally without considering which clusters they belong to often leads to dumb results,(More)
Modern humans have occupied almost all possible environments globally since exiting Africa about 100,000 years ago. Both behavioral and biological adaptations have contributed to their success in surviving the rigors of climatic extremes, including cold, strong ultraviolet radiation, and high altitude. Among these environmental stresses, high-altitude(More)
Homeobox (HOX) transcript antisense RNA (HOTAIR) is a long intergenic noncoding RNA (lincRNA) that is significantly overexpressed in breast and hepatocellular cancers. It remains unclear, however, whether HOTAIR plays an oncogenic role in human laryngeal squamous cell cancer (LSCC). We therefore investigated the expression and functional role of HOTAIR in(More)
Numerous interestingness measures have been proposed in statistics and data mining to assess object relationships. This is especially important in recent studies of association or correlation pattern mining. However, it is still not clear whether there is any intrinsic relationship among many proposed measures, and which one is truly effective at gauging(More)
This is an international consensus statement of an ad hoc committee formed by the International Society for Mountain Medicine (ISMM) at the VI World Congress on Mountain Medicine and High Altitude Physiology (Xining, China; 2004) and represents the committee's interpretation of the current knowledge with regard to the most common chronic and subacute high(More)
Transient overexpression of defined combinations of master regulator genes can effectively induce cellular reprogramming: the acquisition of an alternative predicted phenotype from a differentiated cell lineage. This can be of particular importance in cardiac regenerative medicine wherein the heart lacks the capacity to heal itself, but simultaneously(More)
Tibetans live on the highest plateau in the world, their current population size is approximately 5 million, and most of them live at an altitude exceeding 3,500 m. Therefore, the Tibetan Plateau is a remarkable area for cultural and biological studies of human population history. However, the chronological profile of the Tibetan Plateau's colonization(More)
In the literature of data mining and statistics, numerous interestingness measures have been proposed to disclose succinct object relationships of association patterns. However, it is still not clear when a measure is truly effective in large data sets. Recent studies have identified a critical property, null-(transaction) invariance, for measuring event(More)