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—Being able to keep the graph scale small while capturing the properties of the original social graph, graph sampling provides an efficient, yet inexpensive solution for social network analysis. The challenge is how to create a small, but representative sample out of the massive social graph with millions or even billions of nodes. Several sampling(More)
Recent work in security and systems has embraced the use of machine learning (ML) techniques for identifying misbehavior, e.g. email spam and fake (Sybil) users in social networks. However, ML models are typically derived from fixed datasets, and must be periodically retrained. In adversarial environments, attackers can adapt by modifying their behavior or(More)
Social interactions and interpersonal communication has undergone significant changes in recent years. Increasing awareness of privacy issues and events such as the Snowden disclosures have led to the rapid growth of a new generation of anonymous social networks and messaging applications. By removing traditional concepts of strong identities and social(More)
Microblogging services, such as Twitter, are among the most important online social networks(OSNs). Different from OSNs such as Facebook, the topology of microblogging service is a directed graph instead of an undirected graph. Recently, due to the explosive increase of population size, graph sampling has started to play a critical role in measurement and(More)
Nowadays, Online Social Networks (OSNs) have become dramatically popular and the study of social graphs attracts the interests of a large number of researchers. One critical challenge is the huge size of the social graph, which makes the graph analyzing or even the data crawling incredibly time consuming, and sometimes impossible to be completed. Thus,(More)
In crowdsourced systems, it is often difficult to separate the highly capable "experts" from the average worker. In this paper, we study the problem of evaluating and identifying experts in the context of SeekingAlpha and StockTwits, two crowdsourced investment services that are encroaching on a space dominated for decades by large investment banks. We seek(More)
Crowdsourcing is a unique and practical approach to obtain personalized data and content. Its impact is especially significant in providing commentary, reviews and metadata, on a variety of location based services. In this study, we examine reliability of the Waze mapping service, and its vulnerability to a variety of location-based attacks. Our goals are(More)