Tianyang Wang

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The studies of behavioral finance show that the cognitive bias plays an important role in investors' decision-making process. In this paper, we propose a new robust multi-period model for portfolio optimization that considers in-vestors' behavioral factors by introducing dynamically updated loss aversion parameters as well as a dynamic value function based(More)
Although previous studies have suggested that cumulus cells (CCs) accelerate oocyte aging by secreting soluble and heat-sensitive paracrine factors, the factors involved are not well characterized. Because Fas-mediated apoptosis represents a major pathway in induction of apoptosis in various cells, we proposed that CCs facilitate oocyte aging by releasing(More)
This paper presents a general framework based on copulas for modeling dependent multivariate uncertainties through the use of a decision tree. The proposed dependent decision tree model allows multiple dependent uncertainties with arbitrary marginal distributions to be represented in a decision tree with a sequence of conditional probability distributions.(More)
We studied the role of the Na+/Ca2+ exchanger (NCX) in modulating oocyte postovulatory aging by observing changes in NCX contents and activities in aging mouse and rat oocytes. Whereas the NCX activity was measured by observing oocyte activation following culture with NCX inhibitor or activator, the NCX contents were determined by immunohistochemical(More)