Tianxiao Song

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Experiments show that the rotation inertial navigation system has better position and velocity accuracy compared with the nonrotation inertial navigation system. But the pitch and roll output accuracy of the former is worse. This paper proves that the vortex motion of inertial measurement unit, an unexpected angular motion along other two directions(More)
Rotational inertial navigation system (RINS) could improve navigation performance by rotating the inertial measurement unit (IMU) with gimbals, and error parameters could be self-calibrated as well. However, accelerometers size effect would cause more influence on navigation accuracy in RINS than a strapdown inertial navigation system because of gimbals(More)
The optimization-based alignment (OBA) method can obtain an optical initial attitude by constructing series vector observations. This method does not require the coarse alignment and is effective with any initial large misalignment angle. The proposed in-motion alignment (IMA) method is derived from the OBA method and constructs a mathematical platform to(More)
Getting a land vehicle's accurate position, azimuth and attitude rapidly is significant for vehicle based weapons' combat effectiveness. In this paper, a new approach to acquire vehicle's accurate position and orientation is proposed. It uses biaxial optical detection platform (BODP) to aim at and lock in no less than three pre-set cooperative targets,(More)
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