Tianxiao Li

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In order to improve the fitting and forecasting precision and solve the problem that some data have less sensitivity leading to low simulation precision of partial least-squares regression model, particle swarm optimization algorithm is adopted to optimize the partial regression coefficient, and then partial least-squares regression model based on particle(More)
OBJECTIVE RAD50-IL13 region has been recently identified as one of critical asthma susceptibility loci in genome-wide association studies, yet the role of these genetic variants or single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the risk of developing asthma in Northeastern Han Chinese remains largely unknown. METHODS We conducted an association study by(More)
The accurate and reliable prediction of groundwater depth is the basis of the sustainable utilization of regional groundwater resources. However, the complexity of the prediction has been ignored in previous studies of regional groundwater depth system analysis and prediction, making it difficult to realize the scientific management of groundwater(More)
In order to improve fitting and forecasting precision and solve the problem that some data with less sensitivity lead to low simulation precision of partial leastsquares regression (PLS for short) model, the new method of simulating freezing depth is presented according to ground temperature of different depths, air temperatures, surface temperatures and(More)
The identification of freezing-thawing soil hydraulic properties is the basis and key problem of studying soil water movement. Current identifying methods of the properties have many limitations, such as big error, high uncertainty and low operability. Thus, the identifying method of freezingthawing soil hydraulic properties was researched in the research.(More)
In view of the insufficiencies of existing research into soil water and heat movements in seasonally frozen soil regions, water–heat coupled movements in seasonally frozen soil were studied by using a numerical simulation method. On the basis of viscous flow theory for liquid water in porous media and the heat balance principle, one-dimensional seasonal(More)