Tianxiao Li

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Keywords: Seasonal frozen soil Water–heat coupled movements Numerical simulation Finite difference method a b s t r a c t In view of the insufficiencies of existing research into soil water and heat movements in seasonally frozen soil regions, water–heat coupled movements in seasonally frozen soil were studied by using a numerical simulation method. On the(More)
Cultivating rice will get both obvious economic and social benefits, but extending the paddy field area blindly and extensive irrigation water management mode have also brought some negative effects. Therefore, determining the scale of paddy field development reasonably has become an important issue in the planning of regional farming. The future of the(More)
—In order to improve fitting and forecasting precision and solve the problem that some data with less sensitivity lead to low simulation precision of partial least-squares regression (PLS for short) model, the new method of simulating freezing depth is presented according to ground temperature of different depths, air temperatures, surface temperatures and(More)
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