Tianxiang Peng

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—This letter presents a lossless compression algorithm for hyperspectral images, which is based on the strength of correlations between bands. First, a searching model is constructed using the tree structure. Second, multibands which have strong correlations to each chosen band are found out and are then used to predict the chosen band in a couple-group(More)
A fully overlapping decomposition method is proposed to solve the vector Helmholtz equation. Of particular interest is the modeling of in situ antennas on platforms and the design optimizations of irregularly arranged arrays. In this paper, we address the issue of spurious field suppression arising from completely non-conformal meshing in the fully(More)
A domain decomposition approach is proposed for finite element modeling of small features and fine details in large homogeneous or composite media. The proposed approach addresses the issue of preconditioning when electrically small details are discretized in an otherwise smooth computational domain. Specifically, we propose a fully overlapping domain(More)
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