Tiantian Jia

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We report a simple but highly cooperative ensemble with CdS and MoS2 nanocrystals dispersed on graphene sheets: it is demonstrated that CdS nanocrystals can capture light energy and facilitate excited electron transfer to MoS2 for catalytic hydrogen production via the 2-D graphene which plays a key role as an efficient electron mediator.
Single layer MoS2 synthesized by exfoliation with Li is demonstrated to take up the dye molecule, Eosin Y, with strong binding affinity via sulfur vacancies. This dye-sensitized single layer MoS2 ensemble exhibits remarkable activity and stability for photocatalytic hydrogen production from water.
An electrochemiluminescence (ECL) approach for methamphetamine determination was developed based on a glassy carbon electrode modified with a Ru(bpy)₃ (2+)-doped silica nanoparticles/Nafion composite film. The monodispersed nanoparticles, which were about 50 nm in size, were synthesized using the water-in-oil microemulsion method. The ECL results revealed(More)
Cadmium (Cd) is a highly toxic heavy metal that can affect human and animal health. Selenium (Se) is an essential microelement that can protect various organs against toxic heavy metals. Although many studies have investigated the adverse effect of Cd in rats and several other animals, little is known regarding the mechanisms of Cd-induced autophagy in the(More)
Music and exercise can both affect autonomic nervous system activity. However, the effects of the combination of music and exercise on autonomic activity are poorly understood. Additionally, it remains unknown whether music affects post-exercise orthostatic tolerance. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of music on autonomic nervous system(More)
Doping (or substitution)-induced modification of the electronic structure to increase the electronic density of states (eDOS) near the Fermi level is considered as an effective strategy to enhance the Seebeck coefficient, and may consequently boost the thermoelectric performance. Through density-functional theory calculations of Mn-substituted TiFe2-xMnxSn(More)
We report single molecular sheets of niobate prepared by a simple bottom-up approach using hydrothermal synthesis of niobium ethoxide with the aid of triethanolamine as a structural modifier: the high kinetic stability of these molecular entities against self-assembly allows them to mix well with other colloids and facilitates their extensive electronic(More)
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