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Eutrophication strengthens the response of zooplankton to temperature changes in a high‐altitude lake
Abstract To assess whether and how zooplankton communities respond to variations in temperature and how these assemblages change with eutrophication, we performed a large‐scale, monthly survey fromExpand
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Nitrogen/carbon metabolism in response to NH4+ pulse for two submersed macrophytes
Abstract Occasional and sharp increase in NH 4 + availability due to massive input of sewage and agricultural runoff is not uncommon in inland aquatic systems; and its aftermath effects on the systemExpand
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Characteristics of early eutrophication encoded in submerged vegetation beyond water quality: a case study in Lake Erhai, China
As external nutrients inputs above a critical level may drive shallow lakes to shift from clear water to a turbid state, it is important to detect ecological changes of the lake at an early stage ofExpand
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Improvement of water quality by sediment capping and re-vegetation with Vallisneria natans L.: A short-term investigation using an in situ enclosure experiment in Lake Erhai, China
This study evaluated the effects of sediment capping with local unpolluted soil and re-vegetation with Vallisneria natans on the water quality in a two-month in situ experiment in a mesotrophic lake.Expand
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Littoral Slope, Water Depth and Alternative Response Strategies to Light Attenuation Shape the Distribution of Submerged Macrophytes in a Mesotrophic Lake
Light is a major limiting resource in aquatic ecosystems and numerous studies have investigated the response of submerged macrophytes to low light conditions. However, few studies have tested whetherExpand
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Root-foraging behavior ensures the integrated growth of Vallisneria natans in heterogeneous sediments
The present study was carried out to determine the efficacy of root foraging and the physiological response of Vallisnaria natans grown in heterogeneous sediments. V. natans was cultivated in twoExpand
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Preparation of Chitosan/Alginate-ellagic Acid Sustained-release Microspheres and their Inhibition of Preadipocyte Adipogenic Differentiation.
OBJECTIVE In this study, chitosan/alginate-ellagic acid sustained-release microspheres were prepared, and the effect of sustained-release microspheres on preadipocyte adipogenic differentiation wasExpand
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Effects of benthivorous fish disturbance on chlorophyll a contents in water and the growth of two submersed macrophytes with different growth forms under two light regimes.
Low underwater light availability and benthivorous fish-mediated disturbance are two important factors that influence the growth of submersed macrophytes. However, the combined effects of theseExpand
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Seed Germination Indicates Adaptive Transgenerational Plasticity in a Submerged Macrophyte
Adaptive transgenerational plasticity is an important evolutionary strategy in plants. We investigated the resource allocation strategy in sexual reproduction and performed an in situ seedExpand
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Macroinvertebrate Communities in a Lake of an Inter-Basin Water Transfer Project and Its Implications for Sustainable Management
In the present study, we choose the Weishan Lake, one of important water transfer and storage lakes on the eastern route of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project (SNWD) in China, to clarify howExpand