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Shortage is common in many markets, such as those for human organs or blood, but the problem is often difficult to solve through price adjustment, given safety and ethical concerns. In this paper, we study two non-price methods that are often used to alleviate shortage for human blood. The first method is informing existing donors of a current shortage via(More)
Recent advances in information technologies have provided firms unprecedented ability to manage online social interactions among their customers. Despite their growing popularity and importance, there are very few studies that have examined the optimal design choices for a firm seeking to maximize returns from firm-mediated social interactions. Our study(More)
We study whether and how a firm can enhance social contagion by simply varying the message shared by customers with their friends. We focus on two key components of information contained in the messages – information about sender’s purchase status prior to referral, and information about the existence of referral rewards – and their impacts on the(More)
While much research has examined the role of technology and marketing in moderating online user connections, how digital marketing motivates offline interactions among users is much less understood. Using a randomized field experiment involving 80,000 participants, we study how mobile messaging can leverage recipients’ social ties to encourage blood(More)
Recent advances in IT have provided firms unprecedented ability to manage online social interactions. Despite growing popularity, few studies have examined firm's optimal design choices in firm-mediated social interactions. We examine whether and how a firm can enhance effectiveness of online social interactions, by simply varying message shared by(More)
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