Tianrong Gao

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For solving the security problems caused by the errors occurred during the real-time transmission of the fieldbus in the CNC system, a new transmission scheme, which involves the error detection and self-correction, was proposed based on the dual ring fieldbus in the CNC system. This scheme specifies a structure of two-way transmission in fieldbus and a(More)
Safety, in automation industrial systems, is a new subdomain, but is receiving attention rapidly. To achieve high production efficiency and to curtail downtime in such systems, there must be appropriate intelligent mechanism in them at the architectural level. This paper presents an intelligent controller architecture that relies on the adjustable speed(More)
To solve the problem that a single processor cannot afford the computational load of the key algorithms in conventional CNC system, a network architecture based on RTnet is proposed in this paper. A resource-consumption and low coupling module in CNC was disjoint first from other modules. RTnet was used for communication between remote modules. Then, by(More)
In traditional CNC systems, dense software-hardware design and inappropriate data interactive mode can not balance the computational capability and communication load. In order to increase the interoperability level of communication platform in CNC and alleviate resource competition, a kind of network architecture was proposed in this research. A(More)
To meet the transmission security requirements of CNC systems, a message safety communication model, adopting two kinds of fault tolerance algorithms based on CNC dual ring bus, was presented. The safety communication mechanism and algorithms were deeply researched, and the structure of safety message in CNC dual ring bus was proposed. And then mathematic(More)
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