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Current shared cloud storage cannot provide sufficient I/O throughput for data-intensive HPC applications. Moreover, the consistency policy used in most shared cloud storage can cause parallel I/O applications to fail due to unexpected file inconsistencies. In order to resolve these problems, we propose a novel fast, scalable and fault tolerant filesystem(More)
Location awareness in an indoor environment and wireless access to Internet applications are major research areas towards the overwhelming success of wireless and mobile communications. However, the unpredictable indoor radio propagation and handover latency due to node mobility are the main challenging issues that need to be addressed. For tackling(More)
As a common neurotransmitter in the nervous system, γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) modulates locomotory patterns in both vertebrates and invertebrates. However, the signaling mechanisms underlying the behavioral effects of GABAergic modulation are not completely understood. Here, we demonstrate that a GABAergic signal in C. elegans modulates the amplitude of(More)
Chromosomal instability (CIN) refers to genomic instability in which cells have gained or lost chromosomes or chromosomal fragments. A high level of CIN is common in solid tumours and is associated with cancer drug resistance and poor prognosis. The impact of CIN-induced stress and the resulting cellular responses are only just beginning to emerge. Using(More)
Using technology of wavelet decomposition and energy calculation, an audio digital watermarking algorithm was proposed. The proposed algorithm chooses mid-frequency wavelet coefficients to calculate the energy. Through the method of energy's comparison and adjustment, the watermarking information and synchronization signal were embedded into the original(More)
21st Century, The rapid development of information superhighway, such as Internet and mobile communication network. Digital audio and video products are easy to tamper and to copy in large-scale with low-cost. great dissemination capabilities of the Internet gave copyright protection poses a serious impact. For large-scale audio-video products distribution,(More)
A simple and easy-to-implement analytical model for scheduling algorithm is proposed. Packets delay can be easily calculated with this analytical model but the computational complexity is reduced more compared with other popular methods such as Laplace-Stieltjes transform or Probability Generating Function. Two theoretical analyses on the basis of the(More)
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