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This paper describes our English patent mining system for NTCIR-7 patent mining task which maps a research paper abstract into IPC taxonomy. Our system is basically under the k-Nearest Neighboring framework, in which various similarity calculation and ranking methods are used. We employ two re-ranking techniques to improve the performance by the use of(More)
Network and computer courses need dedicated laboratories for students to carry out hands-on assignments and course projects. Typically, these projects require each student to be given administrative access to an entire, isolated network of computers. The obvious approach of creating one dedicated physical network for each student is prohibitively expensive,(More)
This paper applies the nonlocal mean (NLM) method to denoise the simulated and real electroencephalograph signals. As a patch-based method, the NLM method calculates the weighted sum of a patch. The weight of each point is determined by the similarity between the points of the own patch and its neighbor. Based on the weighted sum, the noise is filtered out.(More)
This paper presents a new method to apply timing characteristics of electroencephalograph (EEG) beta frequency bands to assess the depth of anaesthesia (DoA). Firstly, the measured EEG signals are denoised and decomposed into 20 different frequency bands. The Mobility (M), permutation entropy (PE) and Lempel–Ziv complexity (LCZ) of each frequency band are(More)
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