Tianming Xu

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The perforating branches of the upper basilar artery and of the first (P1) segment of the posterior cerebral artery were studied in 50 fixed brains obtained from human cadavers. No vertical branches arose from the basilar bifurcation. The upper basilar artery gave rise to horizontal branches, which were studied with reference to their angle of origin.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the acute stability of a novel integrated C1 laminar hook (H) combined with a C1-C2 transarticular screw (TAS) with established techniques. METHODS A novel integrated C1 laminar hook was tested. Seven human cadaveric cervical spines (C0-C3) were used. The range of motion (ROM) of C1-C2 during flexion-extension, lateral bending, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the biomechanical stability of 3 atlantoaxial proactive vertebral artery injury prevention fixation combinations. METHODS We used 6 fresh human cadaveric C0-C4 specimens for the biomechanical test with moment control in 6 loading directions. First, range of motion (ROM) was measured in the intact specimens before they were(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate in a comprehensive biomechanical study the influences of fixed C1-C2 and different C1-C2 angles on the range of motion (ROM) and the intradiscal pressure (IDP) of subaxial cervical spine. METHODS We simulated three-dimensional cervical motions on 8 human specimens with C1-C2 fixed in 3 different angles (neutral position, neutral(More)
BACKGROUND Loss of axial rotation and lateral bending after atlantoaxial fusion reduces a patient's quality of life. Therefore, effective, nonfusion fixation alternatives are needed for atlantoaxial instability. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the initial stability and function of posterior atlantoaxial restricted nonfusion fixation (PAARNF), a new protocol, using(More)
The Asia-Pacific Colorectal Screening (APCS) score is a risk-stratification tool that helps predict the risk for advanced colorectal neoplasia (ACN) in asymptomatic Asian populations, but has not yet been assessed for its validity of use in Mainland China.The aim of the study was to assess the validity of APCS score in asymptomatic Chinese population, and(More)
Clenbuterol is a long-lasting β-adrenoceptor (β-AR) agonist and was once medicated as a bronchial dilatator, and is also used by body-building enthusiasts and athletes and in livestock breeding because of its anabolic effect on skeletal muscles and ability to promote lipolysis. Though prohibited from pharmacological uses, clenbuterol intoxication cases are(More)
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