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The generalized Fibonacci and Lucas numbers are defined by a n-B n ^ ^ z f-> K = ""+fi n (i) where a = P+ ^ P 2 ~ 4q , (3 = P ~^ P 2 ~ 4q , p > 0, q^O, and p 2-4q > 0. It is obvious that {£/ " } and {VJ are the usual Fibonacci and Lucas sequences {FJ and {LJ when p =-q = l. Recently, for the Fibonacci numbers, Zhang established the following identities in(More)
In this paper, we study exponential partial Bell polynomials and Sheffer sequences. Two new characterizations of Sheffer sequences are presented, which indicate the relations between Sheffer sequences and Riordan arrays. Several general identities involving Bell polynomials and Sheffer sequences are established, which reduce to some elegant identities for(More)