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The generalized Fibonacci and Lucas numbers are defined by a n-B n ^ ^ z f-> K = ""+fi n (i) where a = P+ ^ P 2 ~ 4q , (3 = P ~^ P 2 ~ 4q , p > 0, q^O, and p 2-4q > 0. It is obvious that {£/ " } and {VJ are the usual Fibonacci and Lucas sequences {FJ and {LJ when p =-q = l. Recently, for the Fibonacci numbers, Zhang established the following identities in(More)
Information on the structural classes of proteins has been proven to be important in many fields of bioinformatics. Prediction of protein structural class for low-similarity sequences is a challenge problem. In this study, 11 features (including 8 re-used features and 3 newly-designed features) are rationally utilized to reflect the general contents and(More)
In this paper, we generalize the concept of Riordan array. A generalized Riordan array with respect to c n is an infinite, lower triangular array determined by the pair (g(t), f (t)) and has the generic element d n,k = [t n /c n ]g(t)(f (t)) k /c k , where c n is a fixed sequence of non-zero constants with c 0 = 1. We demonstrate that the generalized(More)
In this study, the normalized k-word average interval distance is proposed to extract phylogenetic information from DNA sequences. The phylogenetic trees of 30 mammalian species based on Euclidean distance measure are reconstructed with k ranging from 2 to 9. Comparison of our results with other methods shows that our method is efficient and powerful for(More)
Knowledge of structural classes plays an important role in understanding protein folding patterns. In this paper, features based on the predicted secondary structure sequence and the corresponding E-H sequence are extracted. Then, an 11-dimensional feature vector is selected based on a wrapper feature selection algorithm and a support vector machine (SVM).(More)
The focus of the research is on the analysis of genome sequences. Based on the inter-nucleotide distance sequence, we propose the conditional multinomial distribution profile for the complete genomic sequence. These profiles can be used to define a very simple, computationally efficient, alignment-free, distance measure that reflects the evolutionary(More)
Fenglin National Class Nature Reserve is the largest well-saved virginal Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) forest area and a precious species gene bank in China. In this study, the indexes diversity, naturalness, representativity, rarity, area suitability, stability, and anthropogenic interference were selected to establish a ranking ecological evaluation(More)
In this paper, we study exponential partial Bell polynomials and Sheffer sequences. Two new characterizations of Sheffer sequences are presented, which indicate the relations between Sheffer sequences and Riordan arrays. Several general identities involving Bell polynomials and Sheffer sequences are established, which reduce to some elegant identities for(More)