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The effects of packing rates (20%, 30%, and 40%) of polyurethane foam (PUF) to the removal of organics and nitrogen were investigated by continuously feeding artificial sewage in three aerobic moving bed biofilm reactors. The results indicated that the packing rate of the PUF carriers had little influence on the COD removal efficiency (81% on average).(More)
Because high-throughput screening tools are typically unavailable when using the pathway-engineering approach, we developed a new strategy, named intermediate sensor-assisted push-pull strategy, which enables sequential pathway optimization by incorporating a biosensor targeting a key pathway intermediate. As proof of concept, we constructed an L-Trp(More)
Coupling a narrow-band-gap semiconductor with TiO(2) is an effective method to produce photocatalysts that work under UV-vis light irradiation. Usually photocatalytic coupled-semiconductors exist mainly as powders, and photocatalytic activity is only favored when a small loading amount of narrow-band-gap semiconductor is used. Here we propose a(More)
Computational predictions of catalytic function are vital for in-depth understanding of enzymes. Because several novel approaches performing better than the common BLAST tool are rarely applied in research, we hypothesized that there is a large gap between the number of known annotated enzymes and the actual number in the protein universe, which(More)
Using a first-principles computational tensile test, we show that the ideal tensile strength of an Al grain boundary ͑GB͒ is reduced with both Na and Ca GB segregation. We demonstrate that the fracture occurs in the GB interface, dominated by the break of the interfacial bonds. Experimentally, we further show that the presence of Na or Ca impurity, which(More)
The roots, barks, branches and pericarps of Juglans mandshurica were used as folk medicine in China and reputed for its treatment of several cancers, such as gastric cancer, liver cancer and leukemia. The extracts of the roots, branches, leaves and pericarps of J. mandshurica have been experimentally proved to show anti-tumor activities. Tannins, which(More)
ZnO nanorod array with vertical orientation was fabricated by a simple aqueous solution way in the mild condition. ZnO granular film coated on glass substrate was used as a seeds film for the growth of ZnO ordered array. A metastable supersaturation area where there was no homogeneous nucleation of ZnO in the bulk solution but heterogeneous nucleation on(More)
We have investigated effects of O on mechanical properties of NiAl by calculating the cleavage energy (γ(C)) and the unstable stacking fault energy (γ(us)) using a first-principles method. O is shown to reduce γ(C)/γ(us) for the [001](110) and [100](001) slip systems, indicating that the presence of O should be associated with the ductility reduction of(More)
We have developed a simple approach for rapidly fabricating large-scale colloidal crystal arrays on substrates. Latex particles were first assembled into a close-packed monolayer on a vortical water surface; the monolayer was then transferred onto substrates by a withdrawer. Such an assembly method is conceptually similar to the Langmuir-Blodgett (L-B)(More)