Tianlong Qiu

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To determine whether marine mud substrate is suitable for sea cucumber aquaculture, we studied the effects of sea mud on the behavioral characteristics, growth and survival of Apostichopus japonicus, in both the field and laboratory. Our results showed that sea mud is beneficial for the growth of A. japonicus, but was unfavorable for its locomotion and(More)
There is a need to develop more efficient rearing systems for the aquaculture of economically important bivalves, such as oysters. Here, we constructed a model that describes the feeding behavior of larval Crassostrea angulata oysters and tested it in an experimental setting. Larval ingestion rate is closely correlated with larval length. Based on our(More)
Pathogen contamination in the environment is inevitable with the rapid development of intensive aquaculture. Therefore, alternative ecofriendly biological strategies to control pathogenic bacteria are required. However, our aim was to investigate the ability of oysters (Crassostrea gigas) to filter the important opportunistic pathogen, Aeromonas salmonicida(More)
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