Tianlin Zhou

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Recent imaging studies indicated the existence of two visual pathways in humans: a ventral stream for object and form vision and a dorsal stream for spatial and motion vision. The present study was motivated by a stimulating question: Supposing shape and motion are processed separately in the two pathways, how do the respective cortical areas respond to the(More)
Small-molecule inhibitors are an attractive therapeutic approach for most types of human cancers. SKLB-163, a novel benzothiazole-2-thiol derivative, was developed via computer-aided drug design and de novo synthesis. MTT assay showed it had potent anti-proliferative activity on various human cancer cells. Treatment of cancer cells with SKLB-163 induced(More)
CSCs are able to survive routine anticancer procedures and peripheral-immune attack. Here we develop and detail a framework of CSC elimination governed by 3D-biologics. Pluripotent cells-engineered 3D-biologics (PMSB) and control non-3D-biologics were prepared from placenta-based somatic stem cells (PSCs) and inoculated respectively into senile hosts(More)
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