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Calorie restriction (CR) induces a metabolic shift towards mitochondrial respiration; however, molecular mechanisms underlying CR remain unclear. Recent studies suggest that CR-induced mitochondrial activity is associated with nitric oxide (NO) production. To understand the role of mitochondria in CR, we identify and study Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants(More)
Virtualization has been widely adopted in recent years in the cloud computing platform to improve server consolidation and reduce operating cost. Virtual Machine (VM) checkpointing refers to the act of saving a persistent snapshot (or checkpoint) of a VM's state at any instant. VM checkpointing can drastically prolong the lifetime and vulnerability of(More)
Virtual machine (VM) migration is a technique for transferring the execution state of a VM from one physical host to another. While VM migration is critical for load balancing, consolidation, and server maintenance in virtualized data centers, it can also increase security risks. During VM migration, an attacker with sufficient privileges can compromise a(More)
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