Tianlei Zang

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Science popularization level evaluation contributes to measuring science popularization effect. An evaluation method for science popularization level based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and grey relational analysis (GRA) is proposed in this paper. 6 first-level evaluation indexes including science popularization personnel, science popularization(More)
Distribution network reconfiguration for loss minimization is a complex, large-scale combinatorial optimization problem. In this paper, a novel method called bacterial foraging optimization algorithm with particle swarm optimization strategy (BF-PSO) algorithm is applied to solve this problem. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, the(More)
With greater efforts to increase science popularization of new energy, it has become an urgent need to evaluate the level of science popularization of new energy. Based on the grey relational analysis, an interval evaluation method for the level of science popularization of new energy is presented in this paper which is against the background of incomplete(More)
To better identify harmonic pollution source, a software for harmonic analysis and harmonic source location is introduced in this paper. Firstly, the function framework of the software is established and the technical route of the software is designed. Besides, harmonic analysis is conducted by interpolation FFT algorithm with Hamming windowing. Location of(More)
Abstract: Based on the fast kernel entropy optimization independent component analysis and the minimum conditional entropy, this paper proposes a harmonic source localization method which aims at accurately estimating harmonic currents and identifying harmonic sources. The injected harmonic currents are estimated by the fast kernel entropy optimization(More)
To measure the effect of science popularization work more comprehensively, a group evaluation method for science popularization based on generalized fuzzy similarity and technique for order preference by similarity to an ideal solution (TOPSIS) is presented. First, 22 indexes are selected to construct an evaluation index system. Then, positive trapezoidal(More)
A handful of abnormal data exist in harmonic current monitoring data, affecting the accuracy of the harmonic source localization and harmonic contribution assessment. In this paper, the distribution model of harmonic current monitoring data is established using three-parameter Weibull distribution according to the statistical characteristics of the harmonic(More)