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We constructed small RNA and degradome sequencing libraries to identify miRNAs and targets involved in tomato pedicel abscission, and confirmed their roles via quantitative real-time PCR. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous small RNAs which play crucial negatively regulatory roles at both the transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels in plants; however,(More)
Abscission facilitates growth and reproduction and improves plant defenses against pathogens. This tightly regulated process is triggered by environmental cues and hormones such as ethylene and auxin. Because auxin is crucial for abscission, auxin response factors (ARFs) may play important roles in this process. Here, we examined changes in gene expression(More)
Nano-TiO2 has been reported to promote photosynthesis in some crops; however, the mechanism behind this action remains unknown. In this research, the effects of nano-TiO2 on leaf photosynthesis under mild heat stress were investigated. Results showed that the net photosynthetic rate, conductance to H2O, and transpiration rate of tomato leaves increased(More)
The effect of exogenous CaCl2 on photosystem I and II (PSI and PSII) activities, cyclic electron flow (CEF), and proton motive force of tomato leaves under low night temperature (LNT) was investigated. LNT stress decreased the net photosynthetic rate (Pn), effective quantum yield of PSII [Y(II)], and photochemical quenching (qP), whereas CaCl2 pretreatment(More)
SlARF2a is expressed in most plant organs, including roots, leaves, flowers and fruits. A detailed expression study revealed that SlARF2a is mainly expressed in the leaf nodes and cross-sections of the nodes indicated that SlARF2a expression is restricted to vascular organs. Decapitation or the application of 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) can initially promote(More)
Phytohormones, such as auxin (IAA) and gibberellin (GA), are known to be essential for fruit development. We utilized GA-deficient (gib-3) and diageotropica (dgt) tomato mutants to elucidate the effects of single hormones in the pericarp. The application of IAA or GA, respectively, to gib-3 or dgt single mutants induced a significant morphological(More)
Solanum lycopersicum auxin response factor 10 (SlARF10) is post-transcriptionally regulated by Sl-miR160. Overexpression of a Sl-miR160-resistant SlARF10 (mSlARF10) resulted in narrower leaflet blades with larger stomata but lower densities. 35S:mSlARF10-6 plants with narrower excised leaves had greater water loss, which was in contrast to the wild type(More)
In order to improve the recognition accuracy of cucumber diseased image, a new method based on image preprocessing and extraction of texture feature had been proposed, which making full use of color information included in cucumber image. At first, vector median filter for color images was applied to remove noise, and then chromaticity moments were(More)
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