Tianjiao Li

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Depression affects 10-15% of pregnant women and has been associated with preterm delivery and later developmental, behavioural and learning disabilities. We tested the hypothesis that maternal depression is associated with DNA methylation alterations in maternal T lymphocytes, neonatal cord blood T lymphocytes and adult offspring hippocampi. Genome-wide DNA(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of electroacupuncture in different frequencies by electromyography and walking function measure in post-stroke patients with lower-extremity (OLE) spasticity and hemiparesis. METHODS Fifty cases of post-stroke whose motor deficit was classified into Brunnstrom stage II - IV were randomly divided into a 100 Hz group, a 50 Hz(More)
The effects of prenatal nutrition on adult cognitive function have been reported for one generation. However, human evidence for multigenerational effects is lacking. We examined whether prenatal exposure to the Chinese famine of 1959-61 affects adult cognitive function in two consecutive generations. In this retrospective family cohort study, we(More)
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