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Recent years have witnessed the rapid proliferation of social networking sites, which have gradually changed people's way to deal with employment and recruitment process. From job seekers' perspective, their occupational decisions will be consciously or unconsciously affected by information and activities in online social networks. In this study, we focus(More)
In the age of multi-channel advertisements, it is imperative for businesses to understand how advertisements are perceived by the consumer. While several studies in marketing and information systems have studied ad design, ad effectiveness, and potential outcomes like satisfaction and sales, few have studied the effect of advertisements on a dyadic level.(More)
Marketers use online social networks for target and promotion. Identifying influentials that disproportionately affect others is challenging due to network dynamics and social interactions. In this paper, we focus on the former by conducting a quasi-natural experiment on American Superbowl to investigate shifting tie strengths through revealed preferences(More)
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