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Cel5A (endoglucanase II) of Trichoderma reesei was expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae then purified. Two components (C1 and C2) of recombinant Cel5A with different glycosylation were obtained. Purified C1 had a larger molecular mass (57 kDa) than that of the native Cel5A produced by T. reesei (48 kDa) due to the different extents of asparagines-linked(More)
The industrially applied ascomycete Hypocrea jecorina (synonym: Trichoderma reesei) exhibits a low rate of exogenous DNA integration by homologous recombination (HR). This hinders the high-throughput generation of strains by gene replacement and is therefore impeding systematic functional gene analyses towards, e.g. strain improvement for protein or enzyme(More)
Penicillium decumbens is an important industrial filamentous fungus and has been widely used in biorefinery due to its high production of cellulase and hemicellulase. However, molecular engineering has still rarely been applied for strain improvement in P. decumbens. It has been proven that gene targeting manipulation in many filamentous fungi is hampered(More)
Web service has already been an important paradigm for web applications. Growing number of services need efficiently locating the desired web services. The similarity metric of web services plays important role in service search and classification. The very small text fragments in WSDL of web services are unsuitable for applying the traditional IR(More)
Granulysin is expressed as two isoforms by human cytotoxic cells: a single mRNA gives rise to 15 kDa granulysin, a portion of which is cleaved to a 9 kDa protein. Studies with recombinant 9 kDa granulysin have demonstrated its cytolytic and proinflammatory properties, but much less is known about the biologic function of the 15 kDa isoform. In this study,(More)
Clustering, as a kind of data mining methods, with the characteristic of no supervising, quick modeling is widely used in intrusion detection. However, most of the traditional clustering algorithms use a single data point as a calculating unit, and the drawback exists in time wasting to calculate one data point after another when clustering, meanwhile, a(More)
Our study described a synthesis of thiol-capped high-luminescent (quantum yield as high as 80%) CdTe quantum dots (QDs) with a facile method in aqueous phase. The fluorescence of the as-prepared CdTe QDs could be tuned from 500 nm to 650 nm. More importantly, after beta-actin conjugation, the CdTe QDs were successfully conjugated with live cells to observe(More)
To investigate the function of PDE01641, the homologue of Neurospora crassa NCU05137, during cellulase production in Penicillium decumbens, the PDE01641 encoding gene was knocked out in the present work. The PDE01641 deletion mutant showed enhanced cellobiohydrolase activity and β-glucosidase activity compared to the parental strain 114-2. Increased(More)
An extracellular cold-active alkaline serine protease from Penicillium chrysogenum FS010 has been purified. The purification procedure involved: ammonium sulfate precipitation, DEAE ion-exchange chromatography and sephadex G-100 gel chromatography. SDS-PAGE of the purified enzyme indicated a molecular weight of 41,000 +/- 1,000 Da. The protease is stable in(More)