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Internet-driven collaborative design technology opens up another domain for building new engineering design environment, which is Internet-centric, global and distributed. A novel approach of 3D feature modeling with form feature, parameterized form feature and parameter list of the form feature was developed. Any change of the shared models can be viewed(More)
Concurrency control is one of the keys to maintain the consistency of models, graphics, tables and data for collaborative teaching and learning. This paper describes the background of the collaborative teaching and learning, presents a prototype system of concurrency control for the collaborative teaching and learning, analyzes the factors influencing the(More)
The integrated system of design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) and Internet-driven collaborative design was presented to support product design, manufacturing process, and assembly planning for product. The system managed and scheduled group oriented collaborative activities. The design guidelines of Internet-driven collaborative design & DFMA(More)
In order to improve flexibility and multi-joints autonomy in walking assist, a novel notion of human-robot interaction (HRI)-based coordination control method is explored by combing a HRI technology based on central pattern generators (CPGs) network with an impedance structured control. Firstly, a CPG unit with its outer-interaction mechanism is connected(More)
Manufacturing industry is challenged with the task of mass customization in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Knowledge Management (KM) can provide a new approach needed to manage intellectual capital as a valuable organizational resource for supporting customized preferences, so a framework of knowledge management for Mass Customization (MC) was(More)
Because there will cause horizontal-direction force when single-eccentric vibrator of asphalt-paver is working, the horizontal-direction force has negative impact on the effect of compaction and finish. To solve this problem, double-eccentric vibrator was proposed, at the same time, four-DOF vibration differential equation of the compacting mechanism had(More)
Due to the poor conditions of wet brake cooling and the high temperature of the working characteristics, this paper intended to introduce the oil film vadose between the brake linings, considered the variation of volume of grooves on the friction plate, and then proposes the three-dimensional transient dynamic response of fluid-solid coupling mathematical(More)
Outrigger system is one of the most important parts in all of aerial work platforms. In this article, the mathematical model of the outrigger system has been established, and the stability has been analyzed by using MATLAB. According to the operating principle of outrigger hydraulic system of aerial work platform, the simulation model of outrigger hydraulic(More)
A Digital Research and Development (DRD) of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) styling Design Based on CATIA V5 approach is addressed. The main purpose is to enhance New Product Development (NPD) process's efficiency in ATV design by integrating Three Dimensional Optical Scanning Technology and Parametric Digital Design Technology. Digital R & D Based on CATIA(More)
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