Tianhai Chang

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This paper introduces a parking guidance and information system based on wireless sensor system. This system consists of parking space monitoring nodes, routing nodes, sink node, parking guidance display and an information and management center. The nodes transmit the information through wireless sensor network by tree-like topological structure with(More)
In order to deal with the parking guidance issue of the parking guidance and information system in the parking lots, the behavior of choosing parking space was analyzed to build the optimal parking space choice model in the parking lots. Based on the specific situation of the parking lots, the habits and preferences of the drivers when parking their cars(More)
By position estimation of the binocular vision, a robot can accurately obtain the three-dimensional information of an object. The algorithms about camera calibration and stereo match are described in this paper in detail. Not only that, two kinds of camera calibration methods are compared and analyzed in this paper. The method for robot grasping is proved(More)
Like other problems in computer vision, offline handwritten Chinese character recognition (HCCR) has achieved impressive results using convolutional neural network (CNN)-based methods. However, larger and deeper networks are needed to deliver state-of-the-art results in this domain. Such networks intuitively appear to incur high computational cost, and(More)
As the integration packaging density of high-power LED (Light Emitting Diode) chip modules become higher and higher, the accuracy and speed of visual inspection require higher demands correspondingly. The accurate position matching of substrates and flip-chip LEDs is one of the key technologies in the automatic eutectic welding process. In this paper we(More)
Currently, owing to the ubiquity of mobile devices, online handwritten Chinese character recognition (HCCR) has become one of the suitable choice for feeding input to cell phones and tablet devices. Over the past few years, larger and deeper convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have extensively been employed for improving character recognition performance.(More)
This paper focus on the LUT based digital pre-distortion techniques for non-linear power amplifier in OFDM systems. Compared with the conventional adaptive pre-distortion method, a modified method is proposed, which utilizes interpolation algorithm, with a consideration of the amplitude distribution characteristic of OFDM symbols. The performances of the(More)
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