Tianen Wang

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Lgr4 (leucine-rich repeat domain containing G protein-coupled receptor 4) is implicated in the transcriptional regulation of multiple histone demethylases in the progression of diverse cancers, but there are few reports concerning the molecular mechanism by which Lgr4 regulates histone demethylase activation in prostate cancer (PCa) progression. As Jmjd2a(More)
Honokiol, widely known as an antitumor agent, has been used as an antiangiogenesis drug lead. In this paper, 47 honokiol analogues and derivatives were investigated for their antiangiogenic activity by application of the transgenic zebrafish screening model, antiproliferative and cytotoxic activity against HUVECs, and three tumor cell lines by MTT assay.(More)
Our previous report has demonstrated that 5-formylhonokiol (FH), a derivative of honokiol (HK), exerts more potent anti-proliferative activities than honokiol in several tumor cell lines. In present study, we first explored the antiangiogenic activities of 5-formylhonokiol on proliferation, migration and tube formation of human umbilical vein endothelial(More)
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