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Glycoprotein hormone receptors, including LH receptor, FSH receptor, and TSH receptor, belong to the large G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) superfamily but are unique in having a large ectodomain important for ligand binding. In addition to two recently isolated mammalian LGRs (leucine-rich repeat-containing, G protein-coupled receptors), LGR4 and LGR5, we(More)
The receptors for LH, FSH, and TSH belong to the large G protein-coupled, seven-transmembrane protein family and are unique in having a large N-terminal extracellular (ecto-) domain containing leucine-rich repeats important for interactions with the large glycoprotein hormone ligands. Recent studies indicated the evolution of an expanding family of(More)
Sorting nexin 27 (SNX27) contains a PDZ domain that is phylogenetically related to the PDZ domains of the NHERF proteins. Studies on nonepithelial cells have shown that this protein is located in endosomes, where it regulates trafficking of cargo proteins in a PDZ domain-dependent manner. However, the role of SNX27 in trafficking of cargo proteins in(More)
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